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Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life.” ~John 5: 24 
Funeral Services Offered:


Traditional Service

In what has come to be known as a traditional funeral service, the body of the deceased is present during the visitation.  The casket may be open or closed, depending on family preference.  The service begins after the visitation, followed by burial at the cemetery of choice.


is another type of service.   The body of the deceased is present during the visitation.  The casket may be opened or closed.  The service begins after the visitation followed by the deceased being cremated.

Direct Cremation

occurs when the body of the deceased is transported from the place of death and is cremated without a visitation service; however, a memorial service may still be arranged. 







*For your family's needs, we offer a selection of urns for your choosing.

Memorial Service

During this type of service, the body of the deceased is not present.  Burial or cremation may have already taken place.  We can help arrange a memorial service, usually at the funeral home or church.  Photos and perhaps personal items of the deceased may be displayed along with selections of special music.  A memorial service gives family and friends time to come together and celebrate life.

Funeral Programs


are small brochures that usually contain a tribute of the deceased and details of what will take place during the funeral.  You have enough to worry about, let us take care of your printing needs

Limousine Services


*are available for all occasions.




Funeral Transportation Service

Limousine or sedan

These vehicles can usually hold around 4-7 people. Usually, closest family members are transported in the limousine or sedan.


If the body and casket were present at the funeral service, a hearse will be used to transport the casket to the cemetery or burial site.  Shaped like a station wagon, a hearse has two seats up front (for a driver and one passenger) and a large, covered trunk in the back for the casket.

Lead Car

You may also hire a “lead car,” which is driven by a member of the funeral home’s staff to lead the procession of cars to the cemetery.


Police escorts  or licensed escort service are available for the funeral procession. These escorts can be arranged by your funeral director for your safety.

* for more information contact office manager


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